Renting a Car for Self Drive Safaris in Rwanda

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  • May 31, 2019
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Renting a Car for Self Drive Safaris in Rwanda

Self drive tours in Rwanda involves exploring new destinations on your own with help of devices such as internet and GPS unlike guided tours that take you on a road trip with professional driver guide. With self-drive safaris in Rwanda, you are a manager of your road trip thus offering you the best adventure experience. You get to enjoy total privacy and freedom to affordability and flexibility.

To get the best of a self-drive experience in Rwanda, key documents or assurance have to be presented to car Hire Company before they hand over a car keys to a stranger. To be on a safer side, you need;

Valid passport

A valid passport is a must to have if you are to hire a car on self-drive in Rwanda. It is one best recognition document that gives car hire agencies that you are true person. The passport consists of age details that are essential to car rental agencies in Rwanda if you are to hire a car for a self-drive. You need to have a valid ID card and passport.

International driving permit

This is also popularly called international driving license. International driving permit is significant document that allows you to drive outside borders of your home country or country you hired the car. This means that if you are to cross to Uganda, you need a valid international driving permit.

Driver license

You need a valid driver license whether you are a national or international traveler. Your driving license or permit should be valid and you should have at least two years driving experience. If your plan is to embark on a self-drive tour in Rwanda then consider a valid driving lice a must to have.

Self drive contract

After you have booked the car, make sure that you sign the contract and this includes the set self-drive terms and conditions of hirer and company. You will be required to have scanned documents that you will send to car Rental Company by email. However, you will need original copies to present to booking agent prior setting off.

In summary, in order to hire a car for self-drive in Rwanda, the above documents or requirements should be a must to have. Self-drive tour in Rwanda takes you to new destination and more of adventure than it is a case with guided tours.

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