10 Essential Tips for a Memorable African Safari

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10 Essential Tips for a Memorable African Safari

After finally booking your African safari, you can’t believe that you are going to see animals like lions, cheetahs, Elephants, giraffes and zebras in their natural habitat. You still want to make sure you know what to expect while on the safari.  Below are some important tips you may need to have a memorable trip.

Give yourself enough time

Before embarking on any trip, you need to make sure that you have given yourself enough time to experience the wonders of that safari. You should at least give it 5 days or a week or even more, this will give you enough time to see all the animals of your dream. If at all you are visiting the savannah parks or game reserves, usually you will have a game drive in the morning and one in the late afternoon or early evening. As you make your budget for the travel time, don’t forget to consider the two game drives each day.

Medication and vaccines needed

Before you book your flight, make sure that you are up to date on all your medication and vaccines. Make sure that you have all the right vaccinations and medications before you reach your destination. You may also need to take malaria pills throughout the course of your vacation. Some of the Common shots include Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, yellow fever and a Typhoid vaccination.

Pack the right clothes

It gets chilly in the early morning hours more especially before the sun comes up. You will need to carry a light jacket for the morning game drives since you will be in an open vehicle. As for the color, neutral is your best choice for both the heat and not to attract hungry animals. Colors like beige, khaki and light green are the best. It really gets too hot, so make sure that you stay away from black.

Also note that there are specialized activities that require specific clothing. These may include mountaineering, hiking, gorilla trekking and more. Take note of the areas to be visited as well for example treks to summits like Rwenzoris and Kilimanjaro may require different clothings from the usual hikes.

Listen to the guide

It is not just about being polite and showing respect to your guide, you should listen to him too. It’s about your personal safety while on the trip and the people with you in the vehicle. Never speak too loudly while on safari, and never, for any reason, get out of the vehicle more especially when you are in a game drive. Don’t suddenly stand or lean out of the vehicle when you spot an animal, this may upset them or make them shy and they run away.

Get the right camera

When in Africa, you will want to capture almost everything you spot more so the “big five”. Make sure that you’ve chosen a camera that’s water resistant, and that has multiple settings that allow you to adjust for the lighting and time of day. Remember that animals move fast — so you likely won’t have time to do things like switch out a lens. You might consider packing extra memory cards.

Focus on Hydration

Make sure you have enough water in your day pack before getting out of your hotel or lodge for an activity. Some game drives take almost the whole day, so you will need enough water. It can be incredibly easy to get dehydrated on your trip, and it’s not like the guide can turn around the vehicle and drive you back to your hotel if you forget your water bottle. Some travelers consider picking up some electrolyte drinking tablets before travelling to Africa.

The travel company

If you really want to have the perfect experience, you’ll also need to work with a safari and travel company that’s dedicated to giving you the best vacation ever. Be sure to check out our website and blog for more information on traveling to Uganda, Rwanda, D.R Congo, Tanzania, Kenya and others.

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