Discover Culture, Safaris, Animals, Beaches and more.

Kenya is a land of magnificent animals, living in their natural habitat in the vast dry wilderness. This is the ideal place for a Safari and for Adventure seekers. You will meet face to face with the big cats, lions, leopards, cheetahs and more.

There are many fun things to do including Mountain climbing, hot air ballooning and visiting their great National parks and Animal reserves.

Where to Go

Aberdares National Park
The park is heavily forested and has big animals like elephant lion, rhino, black leopard and the beautiful but elusive bongo antelope.

Lamu Kenya
Enjoy the Idyllic life in Lamu.
Lamu, Kenya’s oldest town is an island comprising one town and three villages. It has retained its charm and character over the centuries.

Meru National Park.
Visit Meru National Park, the home of famed conservationists George and Joy Adamson and a hub for Adventure.

Kenya Beach
Kenya’s coast has beautiful beaches with warm blue waters, white sands and protective corals, ideal location for swimming and water sports.