Top 5 African Safari Experiences Not to Miss

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Masai Mara Wildlife

Top 5 African Safari Experiences Not to Miss

Best described as the Mother Continent, Africa is of no doubt a host to diverse natural wonders. It is outstanding beauty is due to its natural endowments. It is a true hidden gem with scenic lakes, beaches, floral and precious wildlife species as well as mountains. A visit to this magical continent means a great opportunity for you to explore its diverse natural wonders. For any plans to pay a visit to Africa there are a number of things that you need not to miss to explore and they include among others;

1. Take a Primate Safari in Uganda

The best way to experience what holds for the world is by embarking on a primate safari in Uganda. While Uganda may not be that as famous as other African destinations, a visit to this magical landlocked country allows you to explore a lot. This is one of the best destinations for primates safaris and in addition, it has a lot to offer to the world. This is one of the reasons why it is best described as the Pearl of Africa.

Mountain Gorilla

Uganda is naturally endowed and it comes with lots of surprises. A trip to Uganda takes you through its most scenic rolling hills, sparkling crater Lakes, diverse wildlife, thrilling adventures a mention but a few. Some of the incredible experiences you shouldn’t miss out while on Uganda safari include gorilla trekking that offers you a great opportunity to have magical encounter with the rare mountain gorillas. In Uganda, these unique primate species thrive only in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga National Park. Aside from gorilla safaris, you also have a chance to see the big game-the elephants, lions, buffaloes, rhinos, leopards as well as giraffes, zebras, birds and many others in most of Uganda’s stunning savanna grassland protected areas.

2. Magical views over the Victoria Falls

This is one of Africa’s natural wonders and its breathtaking sceneries make a few most unusual tourist sites. It is one of a few magical places that are worth exploring. While here, you have a chance to enjoy the most picturesque views over the stunning Zambezi River that makes a border between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Victoria Falls

Locally, it is best referred as the smoke which thunders reflecting the grandeur of these columns of spray which you can catch a glimpse at a distance.  Visit this magnificent natural wonder and have lots of lasting memories.

3. Have a taste of the Sensational cuisine

What makes Africa such a magical is its unique culture and while on safari, don’t miss to have a taste of its African dish. Amazingly, each destination rewards travel endeavors with distinct African cuisines that are served in most restaurants, hotels and local communities.

4. Explore Kalahari Desert and meet the Bushmen

Perhaps you have ever heard of the Bushmen and you wish to explore more about them. If so, then consider visiting the Kalahari Desert a must and you will have the most thrilling experiences. The Bushmen are largely nomads and they have lived within Kalahari Desert for over thousands of years. While here, you have the best of authentic cultural experiences.

5. Climb through the Table Mountain

If you are heading off to South Africa and the Table Mountain isn’t yet in your bucket list then it is important you add it in case you need such breathtaking views over Cape Town while on top. While at this mountain’s summit, you have a chance to catch a clear view over the extensive blue ocean. Besides its scenic views, don’t miss to explore its unique floral species one reason that made it feature among the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2011. The Table Mountain is Cape Town’s iconic tourist attraction and while on safari in South Africa, it should be a must to explore and in deed, you will appreciate its rich biodiversity.  Its vegetation comprises of the endangered peninsular sandstone fynbos as well as the granite fynbos, peninsular shale renosterveld and Afromontane forest and others.

In summary, besides the above mentioned unique experiences, a visit to Africa also takes you through other numerous things that will leave lasting memories in you.

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