Walking Safaris

Africa is much celebrated for its number of adventurous walking activities which heighten the joy and excitement of tourists who come here during their holidays. The geographical endowments amidst mountain ranges make the continent a prime destination for trekking, hiking, nature walks and camping.
The beautiful terrains of Africa are simply unmatched. Perhaps the ancient secrets that Africa has to offer are discovered by those who take time to walk around and about. A walking safari in Africa is synonymous with fun filled adventure and the promotion of traditional safari style.


Wilderness Trails
This walking safari involves you, (thought that was obvious), what else? You will be in company of a guide carrying your gear and other provisions. You can decide on more guides, scouts, porters and cooks, e.t.c. The most hold for all the wildlife lovers call Africa is a variety of safaris they can decide to take pleasure in. Don’t be amazed if you approach face to face with a significant population of the ‘Big Five’.

South Africa Walking Safari Imfolozi Wilderness Trail
Trailists here are guaranteed close encounters with this two-tonne tank of herbivores – and possible nerve-jangling brushes with its smaller-but-stroppier cousin, the black rhino. The emphasis is not on big game – though there’s plenty of it about – but on the raw wilderness experience.

Backed-up walking safari
You will have a support staff from the safari company who will set up a rolling camp basis depending on your destination and time consideration. All camps that you have ever imagined are found in Africa. You can choose between the very basic or the perhaps luxurious tented camps. Difference is clear!

Bush Camp Safaris
Could also fit the description of traditional camps. These are rather seasonal and very semi-permanent. You will find that these camps have vehicles or even boats on them. It’s all about adventure. Zambia‘s Luangwa Valley is undisputed capital of the on-foot big bush camp experience. Mwaleshi Camp, perched on the banks of the Mwaleshi River, is one of just three camps in the park.

Lodge based Safaris
In Africa you will find permanent lodges, both luxury and mid range to suit your needs. All luxuries and facilities are located in these lodges. Most of them offer fully fledged services with your comfort considered, but you will rarely find these ones with the Wildlife parks.

Birding Safaris
In Africa you are guaranteed to find birds everywhere you travel. A stroll in hotel gardens, a trip to the Wildlife Parks or reserves you will likely find bright black and yellow weavers, tiny iridescent sunbirds resembling flying jewels, Secretary Bird, Bustards and Mousebirds with long tails, which are unique to the rest of the world.

Namib Rand Desert Trail
This is a walking safari with a difference: it’s in a desert. The three-day, two-night trail follows a circular route through the private NamibRand Nature Reserve and its gravel plains, towering red sand dunes and rugged mountains. At night, your bed-roll and washbasin are simply arranged on the sand, with a mind-boggling canopy of stars as your roof. But with hot water and three-course dinners, you won’t go without creature comforts.

Beach Safari Walking
Beach walking Safaris are prominent with islands of Seychelles, Mauritius and to some Kenya. This is a paradise experience on earth. The coastline of Africa is a tropical idyll of soft white sands and gentle sea breeze, where the passing of a day is marked by the slow arc of the sun. The pace of life on the coast is notably slower, languid, more relaxed and at peace with the world.

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Top Walking Safari Destinations in Africa

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